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Information About Rhonda Fishbein’s Adoption Agency

In addition to operating a law practice, attorney Rhonda Fishbein is the founder and Executive Director of
Adoption Planning, Inc., a private non-profit adoption agency licensed by the Georgia Department of Human Services since 1990.

Adoption Planning, Inc., provides a broad range of services on behalf of birth mothers as well as individuals who are seeking to adopt a child. Some of the services offered by Ronnie’s adoption agency include:

  • Counseling for birth parents
  • Assistance to birth parents in identifying an adoptive family
  • Domestic placement services for adoptive families
  • Domestic (agency and third-party) and international adoption home studies
  • Embryo adoption home studies
  • Identified or designated adoptions
  • Post-placement supervision
  • Coordination of a Korean adoption program

Ronnie brings to her adoption agency a unique knowledge of the system and the law as an attorney with more than 25 years of experience in adoption cases. As a lawyer, Ronnie has represented clients in more than 2,000 adoptions, including Georgia, interstate and international adoptions. As an adoptive parent and counselor, Ronnie is sensitive to the needs of her clients and works diligently to provide a warm and supportive environment.

The mission of Adoption Planning, Inc., is to provide services in an ethical, legal and caring way to both birth parents and prospective adoptive families. We treat each adoption as an individual case.

Contact Rhonda Fishbein in Atlanta, Georgia

To speak with Rhonda Fishbein about her legal services or the services of Adoption Planning, Inc., call 770-437-8582.  For additional adoption agency information, you may also contact Rhonda Fishbein by e-mail.

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