Adoption Overview

Georgia Adoption Lawyer
With More Than 35 Years of Experience

Since her first adoption case in 1988, Rhonda Fishbein has established herself as one of Georgia’s most experienced and respected adoption attorneys. She was the first Georgia attorney to be admitted to the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. Ronnie has handled over 3,000 adoptions and is nationally known for her experience with and expertise in all types of adoption matters. Contact Georgia adoption attorney Rhonda Fishbein.

Assistance With a Wide
Variety of Adoption Matters

Ronnie is pleased to assist clients in a wide range of adoption matters, including:

Domestic independent adoptions (private adoptions): Ronnie represents individuals and couples who are seeking to adopt a child. She handles Georgia adoptions as well as interstate private adoptions. Visit the domestic independent adoption page for additional information.

Domestic agency adoptions: If you are seeking to adopt a child through an adoption agency, Ronnie can help. She can assist with any of your adoption needs, including identifying a placement resource, reviewing of agency documents and finalizing of an adoption. Visit the domestic agency adoption page for additional information.

Interstate adoptions: If you are seeking to adopt a child in another state or reside outside of Georgia and have identified a birth mother in Georgia, Ronnie has considerable experience in interstate adoptions, both independent and agency, and will ensure compliance with all state laws.

International adoptions: Ronnie also represents clients in international adoptions.

Birth mother representation: Ronnie provides
a full range of services for birth mothers, including giving general advice and assistance throughout the process of adoption, explaining birth mother rights, and providing other services. She assists expectant mothers in all forms of adoption, including private adoption, single parent adoption and open adoption.


To learn more about the adoption services offered by attorney Rhonda Fishbein, contact her law office in Georgia. For assistance, call 770-437-8582, or e-mail.

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