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International Adoptions


International Adoption Attorney

Ronnie Fishbein has helped many families seeking to adopt internationally. As with all other adoptions, international adoptions require that families work with an attorney who has an understanding of state and federal laws. Ronnie accommodates each individual client. She understands the seriousness of the decision to adopt internationally and will use her best efforts to ensure that the process is handled smoothly.

There are a number of important steps in international adoptions, which require specific paperwork and attention and dedication from a lawyer. International adoptions require compliance with state law, United States immigration law and the laws of the foreign country. Since an important goal is to ensure that an adopted child obtains United States citizenship status, it is essential that families work with an agency and attorney experienced in this area. If an adoption is finalized in the country of birth, families can domesticate the adoption, or “re-adopt” the child, when they return home to the United States. This step will permit the child and adoptive family to obtain a Georgia adoption decree and a birth certificate from the Georgia Vital Records office (called Certificate of Foreign Birth). In some instances, this is a required step to obtain proof of citizenship, even if the adoption has been finalized in the country of birth. If the adoption has not been finalized in the other country, the family will need to satisfy more stringent requirements of the Georgia adoption code. Once the adoption is finalized in the Georgia court, the family will be able to obtain a Georgia adoption decree or certificate and a birth certificate from the Georgia Vital Records office (called Certificate of Foreign Birth).

Ronnie understands the emotions involved in adopting a child, especially a child born in another country. She is an adoptive parent and has personally adopted a child through an international adoption. No matter where a family is in the process, Ronnie is sensitive to all concerns and will discuss the adoption process in open, clear and honest terms.

The importance of working with ethical international agencies and experienced home study agencies: Ronnie is committed to only working with excellent international adoption agencies that focus on the parents’ and children’s best interests. She will also assist families to obtain home study services from an experienced accredited adoption agency that understands the legal requirements. Ronnie will work with clients to find the best match for their family.

Contact Rhonda to explore international adoption and to obtain information about how to move through the international adoption process smoothly and efficiently.