September 09, 2016

Tips for Adoption


There are many reasons to decide on adopting a child. It does not matter what your particular circumstances are, we offer tips that will help you prepare for the adoption process.

1. Educate yourself. One of the most important steps you can take it to educate yourself before you begin the adoption process. Learn all that you can about adoption laws and how an adoption will affect your life. Make sure you are prepared to comply with the steps involved in the home study and other adoption procedures. If you are prepared for each step, the adoption process can progress smoother.
2. Be prepared to wait. The adoption process can and will take a while. There is not a set timeline for adoptions. There are many factors, such as the age of a child, if the child is from the United States or another country, and if the child has special needs that can influence the timing of your adoption process. Take advantage of this time to enjoy doing things that you will not have time for once the child is placed with you and be sure to prepare for the pending adoption.
3. Learn about you child’s life. This is especially important if you are adopting an older child, as he or she will have had different life experiences before joining your family. Make sure you talk to any foster parents, orphanage directors, or birth family members in order to understand what the child’s background is like. Understanding things like the child’s routine or cultural background can help during the transition period.
4. Find support groups. While it is expected that adopting a child will change your lifestyle, seeking post-adoption support groups can help you and your child adjust to the changes. It is important to research and find these groups before the adoption takes place so that you are prepared.

If you are considering an adoption, contact Ronnie Fishbein, Attorney at Law. She has the experience as an adoptive parent and attorney to help you understand the adoption process. Call today to schedule an appointment.