Domestic Independent Adoptions

Georgia Adoption Lawyer

Many families considering adoption decide to adopt a child in the United States rather than from another country. There are many reasons for this decision, including a desire to provide a loving home to a child in our country, a desire not to have to travel and remain in another country for an extended period of time, a desire to obtain more comprehensive health and social background information on the child, and a desire to adopt a newborn.

Beginning with an initial consultation, attorney Rhonda Fishbein will work with clients to help them decide which option is best for them. She understands that each prospective adoptive family has different goals. Ronnie listens carefully to her clients’ concerns, issues, and expectations regarding the decision to add a child to their family.

With over 30 years of experience as an adoption attorney, formerly as an executive director of an adoption agency and as a counselor, Ronnie has a wide range of placement resources and familiarity with adoption agencies and attorneys throughout the country. She can assist at all stages of the Georgia and interstate independent adoption process.

Representing Couples, Individuals and Birth Mothers

Ronnie works with couples as well as single parents, and she is committed to making the adoption experience go smoothly. She will ensure that you understand your rights, your options and every detail of the adoption process. Ronnie has worked with clients in independent adoptions, in which the birth parents transfer parental rights directly to the adoptive parents, and private agency adoptions, in which the birth parents transfer parental rights to an adoption agency.

Domestic independent adoptions do not require that families wait patiently for years on a waiting list. Ronnie can educate clients about how to reach their goal of becoming parents. Ronnie also has experience representing birth mothers to ensure that they understand their rights and are treated with sensitivity.

Working with an experienced adoption attorney is especially important in private adoptions. The laws governing the adoption process are complex and differ in each state. There are specific requirements and restrictions that prospective adoptive families must fully understand.

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