Single Parent Adoption

More Than 30 Years of Experience in Adoption Law

Adoption attorney Ronnie Fishbein assists single men and women who wish to give a loving home to a child. She believes that every child has the right to a permanent family and that individuals from differing life experiences can offer a positive environment in which a child can thrive.

As an adoption attorney with more than 30 years of experience in adoption law, Rhonda Fishbein has the ability to handle your single parent adoption with the highest degree of effectiveness and compassion. Contact her to discuss your options.

Adoptive Parent Requirements

Every state in the country permits single adults to adopt children. In fact, singles have been legally eligible to adopt since the first adoption laws were passed in the mid-nineteenth century.

Thousands of children in the United States are living with single women and men who have chosen to become parents through adoption. In the past 30 years, there has been a steady increase in the number of single parent adoptions. Many adoption agencies, attorneys, and biological parents have realized that single men and women have the potential to be excellent parents. The latest research demonstrates that children raised in single adoptive parent families develop as well as other adopted children.

Single men and women can adopt a child born in the United States as well as in another country. Some single prospective adoptive parents decide to adopt older children in need of a permanent family, while others successfully adopt newborns and younger children.

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